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UA-1602 Mini Grinding Machine


Ever wanted a dremmel for slicing and scribing that didn't melt your plastic? (or in the case of a zoid with odd plastic, spontaneously catch on fire from friction?)
You've found your tool in the U-Star mini grinder.
this single (slow) speed battery powered cutter and grinder can be used to power through plastic if you;re enthusiastic, but for those with patience you can carve in details (such as a bunch of extra mono eye slots on a mobile suit) without the typical melt effect of a mains powered tool. its also 3 volts so its safe enough to use on wet surfaces, if you don't immerse it. Unfortunately the lower torque does mean you'll stall it using it on harder surfaces (like resin) if you are not careful. A gentle hand is the best approach
Date Added: 10/21/2013 by Richard Winters
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